Coroner's Court of Victoria 2019

'Yenbena Yurratha' 'Ancestor Heavenly Sky' - Commission 2019.


'Barparripna Yeelugna Dutan – Nyuwandan Dhoma Nyini Nyuwandan Dipa.' 

'From the dawn till the Evening Star – Our loved ones are in our hearts.'
Aboriginal people have a spiritual connection to our ancestors – yenbena – in the Dreaming, our loved ones on the other side of life. They can be seen in the stars and the Milky Way, in The Seven Sisters and constellation.

Though they go away and leave – they are always in the stars. Damnak irrama murrangurang dutan.

Yenbena Yurratha tells of past, present and future – of our journey through grief and beyond, of our connection to our loved ones.

Though we may travel far and wide and our journeys and experiences differ – our kinship and connection to our loved ones remains the same – we remain unbroken. 

We remain family. Yakapna.

Simone Thomson

*All stories and intellectual property remain that of the artist.


Simone Thomson has been able to create a piece that is beyond our thoughts, her professionalism and ability to understand the space and take the time needed to feel her work, not just to prepare a piece. Simone sat in the foyer of our court and created an understanding of the space, she went away and came back with a piece that went above and beyond our requirements.

Simone's colour pallet and use of modern day design incorporated with her connection to Aboriginal art and process allowed her to create such a magical piece. We look forward to working with Simone in the future across our sector.

Troy Williamson
Koori Family Engagement Coordinator
Koori Engagement Unit | Coroners Support Services
Coroners Court Victoria

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