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Mooroolbark College

Ngawan - Sun, Yellow House


The Sun is the giver of life. It’s positive vibrant energy, warmth and light nourishes the earth for growth. For thousands and thousands of years Aboriginal people have used the position of the sun in the sky for mapping and seasonal calendars. The Sun represents resilience, nurturing and all-encompassing acceptance.

The joined circles in the sunrays signify working together, strength in community and connection. The half circles represent the hilly region in which Mooroolbark sits. The gentle waves within the remaining rays represent the waterways and creeks within Wurundjeri country.

At the centre of the Sun is the gathering circle – the central gathering place in which people meet for respectful talking and communication. U shapes around the circle represent the students and community. Joined circles around the outer edge of the sun signify determination of spirit and self-belief.


Simone Thomson 

* Story and intellectual property remain that of the Artist

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