Eastern Legal Community Centre 2020
Eastern Legal Community Centre 2020

Eastern Legal Community Centre 2020

'Bowaring' 'Bloom of Trees' - ROSE Brochure for Elder Abuse 2020.


The older person wears a traditional healing cloak made of possum skin that is painted with sacred ochre. The healing cloak signifies healing of past or present trauma and a connection to culture. Elders are our knowledge holders and teachers; they hold great respect within the community and are at the centre of every family.

The large lower red ochre circles represent community and the Senior’s inner/middle and outer circle of community and family relationships. The outer U’s represent the older person’s family members, their descendants. The Elder stands in the centre of the gathering place facing the sun, the giver of life. The sun represents the older person’s rights to a positive ageing experience. The outer connecting circles arcing the sun signify the person’s life journey and the significant contributions made throughout their time.

The person holds strong evergreen branches of gum leaves. The gum leaves represent autonomy, the right to self-govern. The branches are taken from the gum trees at either side, the gumtrees are the most mature long-standing trees amongst younger trees. Shields are carved from those trees which represent strength and resilience – evergreen, always in bloom.

Simone Thomson

 * Story and intellectual property remain the property of the artist



Simone is a thoughtful artist, who produced a piece that is both 'on brief' and from the heart. Her artwork is not only thought-provoking, textural and beautiful, it is a connection to elders, community and country. 

Shahaan Murray, Managing Lawyer - Elder Abuse, Eastern Community Legal Centre

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