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'Ngalampa Thanga - Come Sit and Eat'


Two sets of hands carry the central Coolamon dish carved from the Manna Gum tree from Country, from the red earth underfoot. The Manna Gum tree represents the Wurundjeri People, the Traditional Custodians of this area and across Naarm (Melbourne). In the Woi-Wurrung language, Wurundjeri’s traditional language group, the word Wurundjeri is broken into two parts. ‘Wurun’ meaning the Manna Gumtree, and ‘djeri’ meaning the white grub that lives in the tree, the witchetty grub.

These sets of hands represent the two bloodlines and family groups of the Gathering Place coming together to share food with Community, they have a common purpose to welcome everyone with food and water. The Coolamon dish is filled with vital food source collected from County such as Lilly Pillies, finger limes, salt bush and yam daisies.
The connecting circles within the larger circle represent Community and their journey tracks to the central Gathering Place. All are welcome to come sit and eat, ‘Ngalampa Thanga’. The large U shapes surrounding the Gathering Place represent people sitting and gathering, they share food respectfully with all people as shown by the surrounding figures and families and their connection to place and Country.

Simone Thomson 

* All images, stories and Cultural Intellectual Property remain that of the Artist.