Melton Specialist School 2021
Melton Specialist School 2021

Melton Specialist School 2021

Keepers of Culture

Bunjil the Wedgetail Eagle is the Creator Spirit of the Kulin, Waa the Crow is the Keeper of Wind and Water. These powerful birds are moieties for the Kulin Nations and are the Keepers of Culture. They represent the earth country and the sky country and are the truth of our being.
The blue background represents the sky that the powerful birds circle above watching over Country keeping us safe, this is the journey tracks we follow being responsible and respectful for our land and waterways, for our sacred trees and country.
The large U-shaped figures represent the students sitting around the Gathering Circle listening respectfully to their Elders, the knowledge holders – their teachers. The meeting circle represents the school in which they come to learn and gather as community. The white pathways that connect the U’s signify the journey tracks of the students from their homelands and their ongoing connection to Wurundjeri Country.

Simone Thomson

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